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Limits of Reason by Paul Klee

01 research overview

My research specialization is epistemology, with much of my academic work focused on navigating the constraints and applications of competing theories of rational belief. Current projects involve the ethics of belief, epistemic normativity, evidentialism & new pragmatism, epistemic circularity & skepticism, holism in the theory of reasons, permissivism & underdetermination, testimonial deference, explainable AI, and the use of statistical information in public policy & legal decision-making. My interests in ethics include effective altruism, metaethics, moral demandingness, ethics & information technology, and AI ethics. I have also been a research assistant in both epistemology and moral psychology.


02 works in progress

Here are several papers I'm currently writing:

  • Testimony's Black Box Problem
    I argue against epistemic universalism, the view that we should give prima facie credence to the testimony of all people, even strangers, with faculties like us.

  • Extrarational Permissivism
    I argue for uniqueness and against the inference from underdetermination to permissivism. 

  • Organic Bodies of Evidence
    I argue that bodies of evidence should be understood as organic unities.

  • Epistemic Circularity: Juggling Bullets
    I argue that epistemically circular arguments can justify their conclusions.

  • Some Ravens Considered
    I frame the ravens paradox in terms of the distinction between propositional and doxastic justification.

  • The Familiar Few and the Unknown Many
    I argue against solidarity as a motivation for the rule of rescue.


03 conferences, talks, & presentations

“Epistemic Circularity: Juggling Bullets”

  • 2021 | The Varieties of Anti-Skepticism, From Past to Present | Pamplona, Spain

  • 2021 | Goethe Epistemology Meeting (GEM) Conference | Frankfurt, Germany

  • 2016 | Invited Presentation, Pepperdine University | Malibu, CA

“Epistemology & Ethics”

  • 2021 | Invited Presentation, American Association of University Women | Boulder, CO

“Doxastic Constraints on Posthumous Harm”

  • 2019 | Departmental Conference, CU Boulder | Boulder, CO

“Effective Altruism”

  • 2019 | AmeriCorps End-of-Service Conference | Starksboro, VT

“PC Religiosity: Can't Agree to Disagree”

  • 2016 | SCP Pacific Regional Conference | San Diego, CA

“Epistemic Circularity”

  • 2015 | Pepperdine Research and Scholarly Achievement Symposium | Malibu, CA

“Art Appreciation: A Defense of Cognitivism”

  • 2014 | Southern California Philosophy Conference | San Diego, CA

“Epistemic Authority”

  • 2014 | Pepperdine Research and Scholarly Achievement Symposium | Malibu, CA


04 research assistance & projects

At CU Boulder, I've been an RA to Matthias Steup in epistemology (2019-2022), and Iskra Fileva in moral psychology (2019-21). Previously, I've been a research assistant on projects to do with Holocaust studies, terrorism, Zen Buddhism, Greek Theatre, rare books, and more. Here are some of those projects:

  • Mapping Holocaust Escape Routes, Yad Vashem World Holocaust Center (Jerusalem)

  • Curate public exhibition on illuminated manuscripts, Special Collections & University Archives, Pepperdine University

  • Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) grant for research on epistemic circularity, advised by Garrett Pendergraft, Pepperdine University 

  • Academic Year Undergraduate Research Initiative (AYURI) grant for research on epistemic circularity, advised by Garrett Pendergraft, Pepperdine University 

  • Midrash and the Ethics of Holocaust Representation independent study, advised by Monica Osborne, Pepperdine University

  • SURP Grant for research on epistemic authority, advised by Tomas Bogardus, Pepperdine University


"Limits of Reason" by Paul Klee

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