About Me


I am a philosophy Ph.D. student at CU Boulder. I specialize in epistemology with a secondary focus on ethics. Among other things, I'm interested in competing theories of justification, skepticism, the ethics of belief, and epistemic normativity. 

Current epistemology research includes epistemic circularity, evidentialism vs. new pragmatism, the ravens paradox, holism in the theory of reasons, and internalism/externalism. Current ethics interests include effective altruism, moral convergence, and individual vs. institutional action


In addition to my research, I organize my department's chapter of Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) and I coordinate an undergraduate mentorship program.


I'm an alumna of the Colorado Summer Seminar in Philosophy (2016), Rutgers Summer Institute for Diversity in Philosophy (2014), and UCSD Summer Program for Women in Philosophy (2014). 

​I have a B.A. in Philosophy from Pepperdine University (2015), where I was a Great Books student, Glazer Scholar, and member of Phi Sigma Tau International Honor Society in Philosophy


Between college and graduate school, I worked in the non-profit sector at Yad Vashem World Holocaust Center in Jerusalem and the Museum of Tolerance in LA. After that, I volunteered with AmeriCorps VISTA at a refugee resettlement field office. I am also a long-term volunteer with Paper Airplanes, an e-learning nonprofit that bridges the educational gap for students affected by the Syrian civil war. As a first-generation student, I am committed to inclusive education.

Let no one delay the study of philosophy while young nor weary of it when old. For no one is either too young or too old for the health of the soul. 

DL, Letter to Menoeceus 10.122